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My love-hate relationship with Synology has been posted here before.

The unit that I bought last spring (DS918+) is using Synology's "business" backup function to back up my Amazon AWS virtual servers to local disk, back up my Raspberry Pi collection, serving as a TimeMachine network backup target for the Macbooks, and running Docker containers for HOOBS/HomeBridge, my UniFi network controller, and a Pi-Hole DNS server for ad/malware/Farcebook blocking.

Synology and most of the competition is based on Linux under the hood, and most of the hate part of my love-hate relationship is prompted by me (a *very* experienced Linux admin) tinkering under the hood.....
2015 BMW i3 BEV, Giga World (Lodge interior), Tech/Driving Assist Packages, 20K miles
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