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that happened to me a few months ago on the hpb kit too. the leds are miunted to a super fat board that can be a real bitch to make fit into the map lights and dome lights.

Anyway to solve the problem i didnt need a new socket. You need to remove the vanity mirrors by removing the screws that hold them. The front headliner will drop down a bit. Once that drops you will have a little bit of space to slide your hand in and take a peek.

You will then need to drop down that whole cluster gray (that houses your sunroof switches and map/dome lights), which is real easy. There are 2 long (and fairly sharp) metal tabs (they are at the front of the unit towards the windshield), give each of those a push and the unit will pop out.

Then take the little socket that popped out and inspect it, chances are the little metal shield that goes around the socket got dented and thats how it popped out. WIth a small pair of pliers, undent it, and plug it back into the unit. You will sort of have to twist it in order to get it back in, it has this odd way of holding in place..but once it goes in, its pretty solid. Anyway that's just for the front maps/domes, i didnt have the issue with the rear but it should be the same idea.