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THANK YOU so much Bob! My wife is irate that its not put back together. If I have any further questions, can I PM you my phone number to talk if I run into issues?
pm me the questions and ill do my best to get back to you asap. the only hard time i had was getting the little socket back into the unit that holds the maps/domes/switches. best way i can describe it is there is a thin sheet of metal on the socket and another on the dome unit, and you have to put the socket into the unit and twist the socket such that one sheet of metal slides under the other one and that locks them into place. there's some other pics here that show how to get the unit off

dont go by the sunroof like they say in that tutorial, you wont have enough space and you will be on the wrong side, remove the vanity mirrors, its way easier that way and u wont damage anything.