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Originally Posted by rollinstone157 View Post
That's the behavior of cheap LEDs.

I'm pretty sure I recommended the HPB kit to you a while back!

If I were you, I would try unscrewing the two retaining clips under the vanity mirrors (they're hidden under plastic flaps) and then you can put your hands at the upper windshield area and reach in to the headliner and release the tabs holding the big unit in place. For the rears, I'm sure the lights come out.

Try a similar removal method to the vanity lights for your rear lights. Push the module around a little, and gently reach around with your fingers and see if you can feel any tabs. If you find locking tabs, push the module in the opposite direction and it should remove smoothly.

Also, if you're having trouble with the headliner, PM me, and I can Skype with you to show you my removal process (granted we have different cars but it's a lot easier to troubleshoot when I can "see" the problem!)
Thank you!