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Originally Posted by Cid00x View Post
So I have been browsing the forums for a while now, and I noticed that everyone has a page dedicated to their area, except for us.

So I took the liberty of creating one, so that us Bimmer D.M.V. people can communicate, and make plans more effectively.

I will start the posting with a little introduction.

I am My name is Shujaat/ Cid. Born and raised in Washington D.C. I am 22 years old. Most of my life, I have been an Auto Mechanic. I joined United States Marine Corps when I was 17, and got out in August of 2011. Currently, I am in college.

Before coming to E90post, I was a 3 year member of the S2ki forums.

I reside in Reston, VA. I live about 2 mins driving (1 mile) from the Reston Town Center.

I have a Manual, Titanium Silver, 2007 335i Coupe. Pre-LCI. I just purchased it this past June.

Glad to be here, and meet you.

I search thoroughly, and did not find a thread liek this for the D.M.V. people. Maybe I did not search thoroughly enough, or I made a mistake. If a thread of this sort already exists, I apologize for creating this one, and feel free to lock
Devil.....I was born and raised in DC (not close to it, like in Arlington but in DC) as well but how could you leave out a Maryland Area Code in your title?

Anyways, I live in MD now. Nice to meet you, what mods do you have?