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Originally Posted by aph335i View Post
Did them myself and no experience with DPs. It seems pretty straight. Only issue was that it wouldn't fit flush no matter what. I'm 100% positive it's the DP. Did you have any issues with rough idle afterwards? I'm sure it's cause of let one bolt out of the stock DP but probably have a severe exhaust leak.

did you try putting the clamp ont the dp first, then aligning the pipe with the turbo and then mounting the clamp on both? (i'm pretty sure you did but just asking) i just did my dp on thursday for the 3rd time set a personal record of 1 hour 50 min

and i dont think that exhaust leak would cause the car to vibrate so much but sound bad as hell.

most likely it's the dp thats bad and they'll probably want both not just one to exchange them.

good luck.

btw: i have AA downpipes and fitment is perfect.