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Alignment/Steering Woes

I was wondering whether anyone could help with some issues I am experiencing with my steering/alignment. I completely understand and appreciate it is very hard to explain issues like this without actually experiencing it but here goes..

The car wants to steer slightly to the left if I am at constant speed and generally, it just doesn't feel all that stable, like it wants to wander. It is more noticeable at higher speeds.

To put things into context, the car was fitted with Bilstein B12 springs and dampers, M3 front control arms then had a full 4 wheel alignment late last year.

It was then re-aligned earlier this year as I wasn't completely happy. This was done at a different place. Both places used a hunter laser system.

It was better but still felt it wasn't 100% after the 2nd alignment and lived with it.

I then swapped the wheels from left to right and had them re-balanced. One wheel was quite severely out of balance for one reason or another. But this didn't really change anything to what I am experiencing so ruled out potential buckled/cracked alloys.

I am also running 15mm spacers all round.

What do I do next?
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