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Just to reiterate the point, in IT (speaking with 30+ years in the game) it's now about you relevancy in the market place. The days are long over were everybody needs a developer or 5 and they are hard to find. You really need to think long term goals not 10% raise. Now I totally understand if you said I hate this f'ing place and the jackhole I work for; then leave for anything better but again make darn sure you have a growth path.

Just to illustrate, got an email last Friday, good buddy hiring director at a company I consulted at in 1995 - 1997. Had to layoff his system admin's as they moved the data center due to an acquisition 2 years ago and now no longer need them. Trying to find a place for one of his guys he hired 4 years ago. Only issue is the guy in question went to this company getting a 20% raise and got another 10% last year for working on the relocation so he's very highly compensated and unfortunately (this is the worst thing) no current technology as he's been involved in relocating the data center the last 18 months. I can point him to a couple of positions but they all want middle ware/vm ware experts for his $$ and he's done none or very little of that. Make darn sure you stay on top of the curve and keep current as the extra money will not make a difference if you're not working later on.