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Originally Posted by enrita View Post
E92Fan: do you have the Setrab core product code? was it basically plug and play on the OEM oil lines? Thanks
The Setrab core is far from plug and play. You need to fabricate your own brackets and housing. You'll also need to fabricate an air scoop to the front bumper to maximise air flow to the cooler. You'll also need adapters to mount the OEM lines to the new outlets, assuming that the OEM lines will reach the new location. I had new hoses made up as I'm also running a secondary T-piece to a second Setrab oil cooler mounted behind the front kidney grilles.

The wheel-well cooler itself is MUCH bigger than the OEM BMW version - it's a 25 row unit, 13 inches wide. The cooler itself isn't that much money - about 130 Euros for the STD version and 200 Euros for the competition version that I'm using. I don't know offhand the product code for each one - I can find out tomorrow when I'm back with the paperwork...