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Originally Posted by tofu- View Post
On a freshly painted black car (i'm not sure which clearcoat is being used, so i'm looking for general information), would PO85RD on a black LC finishing pad be suitable to clean up compounding swirls and marring?

i plan on doing this no more than a day or two after the car is resprayed, wet sanded, and compounded (by the shop). swirl marks are going to be inevitable, so i'm going to have to take matters into my own hands to clean them up.

would a one step with PO85RD on a finishing pad put me on the right track since the paint is so soft (being black and not fully cured yet), or would i possibly need to do a two step with P203S on a white LC polishing pad?

or are my products not suitable at all for what i'm doing
The Menzerna Micro Polish SF 4500 (PO85RD) with a black pad is a pretty light pad and polish combination. This will really only help remove extremely light surface imperfections. If the shop does a very good job polishing the surface this would be a good follow up. I do think you'll probably need something a bit stronger though so the Menzerna Super Finish Polish SF 4000 (PO106FA Nano Polish) and a white pad may be a better starting point. If this is not enough I would recommend moving up to the Menzerna Super Intensive Polish SI 1500 (PO83) with an orange pad (PO203S has been discontinued because it was so similar to the PO83). Follow up with a lighter pad and polish combo to ensure you don't have any haze left behind. Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll be happy to help.

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