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My sport and manual modes are back!! Like I expected, pulled the center console off and 6 of my 8 wires were completed severed, with the other 2 very close.

My father and I spent about 4 hours on it together. Took the center console (with iDrive) off, unscrewed the 3 bolts holding down the shift assembly, and was able to easily access the wires after pulling off the side molding that was keeping it together. Ended up twisting the wires back together, doing some small solders, some heat shrink overtop, and then wrapping it all together with tape to make sure.

Saved me tons of money and really wasn't that difficult. All you need is some time and patience. I'm going to post some pictures when I get some more time. Thank you everyone for your help!

Picture of the Broken Wires (6 of 8 broken; other 2 hanging on by a thread):

Wrapping Them Up:

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