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Great DIY! Thanks, surely fixed my DS mode problem.

In regards to "Engage position P before leaving vehicle" issue, please read below:

After the wiring fix, you may encounter the said error code above along with a gearbox/exclamation sign in the dash. The issue arises the moment you pry out the shifter wires you're trying to fix from the solenoid wall pinch location. What happened is if you pry too much, in order to gain room to get that awkward wire bundle out, on the end of the solenoid stick, there's a slot where it's being driven by the metal rod. That rod moves when you move the shifter out of park into other positions. But there's an inclided metallic clip which when you return the shifter rod to park position, it's supposed to push the inclined clip up and push the "red/white" dotted plastic switch. That switch is how the computer knows you put it into park. Unfortunately, when you pry the solenoid to get to the shifter wire fix, you may have bent the rod out of the slot, and even when you realign it back in place, you could have missed the inclined metal clip. If this is your case, then just take the parking switch "little black plastic box where the red/white plastic dot is" and re-align the clip so that the shifter rod will drive it and click the switch again.

Sorry for the long explanation, but this may save you guys hundreds by not buying the entire assembly.

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