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Thanks to everyone that has shared information about this DIY. I had the usual "car won't accept DS mode but will shift manually with paddles until it randomly pops back into drive. no light on the shifter to signify DS mode." followed instructions and found that the white wire was completely cut through. rest of the wires were beginning to cut through the insulation but I wasn't worried about that yet. Pried the solenoid out just enough to slip the wire bundle out and properly reconnected the white wire.

The only thing that seemed to happen with me that I didn't read elsewhere is the lack of play the shifter assembly had with the 3 T30 screws remove. Sure it wobbled a bit, but not NEARLY enough to stick my detachable torx head kit into those T9/T10 screws. I resorted to using a TINY hex key to remove the lower T9/T10 screws while prying the assembly up and to the left as much as I could.

Still, all is well now and car shifts into DS mode no problem. Thanks again!