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Originally Posted by Nadir Point View Post
Perhaps a leakdown test to see what the compression is down to at this time. Diesels can die a very long, slow death before excessive crankcase pressure has them perspiring oil from every imaginable nook and cranny.
Agreed, I believe with the amount of time I've had this car and the things I have tried that it would lead to something more internal such as valve stem seals or piston rings but when I did ask about that usually most peoples responses where "probably not, it's an M57 which doesn't really have those issues" which to a degree I suppose i true as these are pretty solid engines, but that's assuming in it's past life it was well looked after which I can't guarantee.

I'll have to look into what I'll need to buy and do leak down test to find out if this is ring related, I tell you what though it runs great and has a load of power so it would be pretty amazing for it to still be able to run like this with worn rings.