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Originally Posted by robnitro View Post
Take a video of it idling warmed up. Unscrew the oil filler cap and see if it stays on top or jumps out. Then take the cap off. Also that filter might be restrictive, try the test with the filter removed and see if there's a difference. Too much pressure will make oil leak out the turbo seals.

Also check your intercooler to see if it's full of oil. It's fine to have some but a huge amount could cause restriction and could have been left over from the old turbo i if it was bad causing issues now.

Final possible issue is the valve cover gasket which has the small intake runners going through it. Under boost it will leak pressure into the crankcase causing consumption through the turbo seals.
Hi mate,

I'll take a video of the oil cap but I do remember putting my hand over it to feel a suction or blow and I'm pretty sure it was okay (not sucking or blowing, sort of neutral)

As for the CCV Filter, I used to lose oil before trying this. I purchased the Loo Roll filter in an attempt to stop the oil consumption and while for the first week or two I didn't see a drop in oil, it seemed to have gone back to normal and have already had around 800ml put in and its going to need another top up soon.

Okay I'll completely remove the intercooler and get some videos or photos

As for the valve cover gasket I replaced it all and took this video