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Originally Posted by Tambohamilton View Post
Well if it's currently burning oil with the filter, there's no harm taking it out temporarily to compare the oil cap test, surely? That way you'll know if the restriction of the filter is causing the blow-by to be redirected out through the oil cap (when loosened), and potentially forcing oil through the turbo etc.
Sorry I probably never explained correctly, it's burned oil since I purchased the car back in 2017, around 1 litre per 1000 miles and I have done various things to try and solve the issue. Originally it had a crack in the sump which I got repaired literally a week after having purchased the car, oil leak from brake vacuum pump and swirl flaps both fixed but oil loss continued at the same rate pretty much. Turbo Oil seal failed which I thought would have explained and solved everything, but even after the turbo replacement exact same consumption. Valve cover gasket replaced same consumption and the last thing I've done is add this filter, so removing it may indeed reduce crankcase pressure but what ever was causing hat oil loss wasn't because of the crankcase breather I'd be just reverting back to how it was.

I will however remove the filter to see if the pressure from the oil cap changes as increasing the crankcase pressure certainly won't be helping anything.