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Originally Posted by robnitro View Post
Loo filter won't prevent runaway... If it's that much oil flowing through, the filter will pass through the excess that it can't capture.

Not many people remapped have these issues with ccv. Of course there is more blow by at high loads but how often are you going full throttle?

It seems like your oil loss is at lower pressure because the filter will make more issues at the higher load higher flow conditions. In that case, I've seen a few threads of crap uk tunes where the egr wasn't properly deleted in software, still using the throttle valve at idle/low loads which can mess up the way the engine runs. Check your throttle valve at idle, it should stay fully open!
Hi mate,

pulled the boost pipe off the throttle body and videod the inside and when I start the car it remains fully open, when I stop the car the anti shudder valve closes for a second then re-opens so it appears to be operating correctly?

I've removed the loo roll filter and when I took it for a little drive and checked the oil cap there was less pressure, but it's not a fair comparison as the last time I checked the cap with the loo roll filter I took it for a really long drive and done some WOT pulls so I'll have to do the same later or tomorrow and check the oil cap. If the pressure is less though I'll still consume the oil because it was only a month or two back that I installed the filter, since 2017 there was no filter and it was still consuming oil.