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Originally Posted by Ben_jah_min View Post
Any of you guys running Vogtland coilovers?

Ive got a shock and spring setup by them on my transporter that I'm really happy with, which i bought off the ride quality of my friends VW Bora on Vogtland coils.

Just wondered if any of you guys had any experience in using them? They seem to be pretty unheard of over here in the UK but pretty popular in Germany.

They're currently on sale for 556 reduced from 700ish so just after input as it seems a really good price for them.
Hi, I'm not running their coilovers but I am running the Club Sport Shock and Spring set. They are decent given their price point, my particular set is quite low and harder than stock but I can't fault the handling... I can really lean on them.

I heard somewhere that they use unbranded Koni shocks as Vogtland specialise in the springs themselves but I don't know how true that is, I did ask them directly but just got a generic marketing type answer. I know that the Volkswagen/Audi lot use these springs more than most over here as they were quite popular when I had my Golf VR6 years ago...

Given my experience with the spring and shock setup, I would be inclined to give them a go.... Thats my 2 pence!