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So I have a couple of problems.

1 problem is I forgot there was a code alarm installed in the car before I got it. I looked under the dash and its connected with wires only so im debating if i want to completely take this out or just unplug it.

problem number 2 is that I get the evo-can today but I wont get the Clifford alarm until Tuesday :-( But i guess this gives me time to continue researching.

after talking to a couple people it seems that We can connect the power to the constant 12v line. and send the ground to some metal. and there are two brake wires that we cut and redirect.

Im confused about the CAN wires from the evo-can/dlpk though......Are these piggybacked or not. Will i need to splice into these cables?? Im really hoping not..... and the instructions say is "Twisted pair under glove compartment at BCM" It doesnt have scissors next to it or anything.

Either way im going to do a full write up on this. in theory it looks like a pretty simple install