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Originally Posted by ///ajd View Post
Thanks for the tip - who are you with? I've only has a quick look at direct line so far - not really looked into it. It seemed fairly cheap - well under 200/year.

PS I DIYed the kitchen - started Jun 2010, finished 2 weeks ago! Only finished the bathroom 2 months ago . Ah well. You had your leccy and gas checks? We have an agent to do total management - patter is good, yet to see what the results are like! Part of me just doesn't want to know what happens to the house.....
We are using a local agent. To be fair we have had our house on the market for 5 weeks now and already had 3 viewings but have only just offered it for let as well. Our agent has the details of the policies (I'll try and get them for you). As for the gas check then they include that in the fee and the electrics are all up to date anyway (but apparently they are not a check requirement, but still worth getting done I reckon).

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I rented my old house out to, it went to the first people through the door. A professional couple who have just had a child, absolute A1 tenants. If you use an agent (I rented out myself via these guys and saved myself a packet) I would suggest you meet the tenants yourself as your gut feeling is better than any piece of paper.

Keeping your property is the best thing you can do, if you are looking at the long game - someone will pay off your mortgage and your property will become a good investment.

Dont worry it will be fine
Thanks mate, hope we end up with decent tenants as quick as you did! I am doing the viewings myself so best key up on my interrogation techniques then