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Originally Posted by thread killer View Post
i guess its too difficult for you to keep up here.

one more time:
fogging the intake while running with BG has the possibility of pooling and hydrolocking.

pulling the intake and pouring stuff in there and swabbing around with a brush, i assure you doesnt get it as clean as walnut blasting.

both may work, but both have different results. I have done both and know.

and lower your voice. playing with caps locks does nothing for the conversation. its not like im going to read it any clearer.

Ya'll do what you wanna do. there are many ways to skin a cat.
The caps was error i didn't realize they where on. I am not screaming at you don't you see my smiley face. I never said BG is better way to do it i really know the results are the same. I have been doing this for long time.

Next car i do i will take some good after and before picture maybe we can compare