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Originally Posted by styles50 View Post
Your car it's like the Mona Lisa of 3 series and you sir are the Leonardo da Vince of e90post. Overall your car it's indeed a master piece
Thank you, materpiece huh? wow I don't know what to say...but thank you.

Originally Posted by sbce90 View Post
Nothing I can say which hasn't already been said. Much respect for you and the team for building such a good car through all stages. Your first mods seem a bit noob now compared to current state.
My first mod, black kidney grill...I thought I was heavily modded back then with aggressive front grill

Originally Posted by freidric View Post
I'm Extremely jealous..

Can you find me a job wherever you are working!

and ltbmw is doing a clean job!
It's about finding a shop who can execute your vision/imagination. I am glad I drove 120 miles to find this guy Long Tran 4 years ago

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Originally Posted by engotski View Post
I wonder if e90company is 40 something yrs old...that would explain his taste of "classy"
some people like to keep it classy/clean. nothing wrong with that. I'm korean, I can't keep calm. impulsive. must be the spice in the kimchi

Originally Posted by sandman0615 View Post
wow what a build and what a thread
Thank you

Originally Posted by Goettler_Boost View Post
Probably the best E90 335i ever, but it's a shame that it's a shop car and not a personal build.
personal build meaning, i didn't do all this in my own garage? no way i could have done this all by myself even if i had proper tools

Originally Posted by Duy Euro View Post
this is awesome .................. LUV ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
thank you and love your new stance

Originally Posted by MMOTION View Post
Insane and well documented evolution of prob my fav e90 on the forum. Much respect mang!
Thank you!