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Originally Posted by NFS13 View Post
Really Adrian? You mix up tuned over stock numbers and you make commets like this! Don't be a dick!
I don't think anyone got anything messed up. Stock IS against tuned N55 is exactly what I was talking about. The point I and at least a few other people here are trying to make is that if you are trying to buy a brand new 335 for 2011, you have the choice of the is with the N54 or the i with the N55. Your stock IS will still cost 4-5K more and be no better in terms of power than the regular 335i with an $850 tune. The tuned N54 discussion was brought in, because someone mentioned the N54 can be tuned as well, which as a few people have already explained that in the case of the IS, the overboost function is lost and the engine becomes just like any other tuned N54 (faster than a stock IS but only about 10-15 WHP faster than a tuned N55). If the extra 10-15 WHP is worth 4-5K for you, by all means buy an IS so you can get the older engine...

The only thing I see about the IS, is visual improvements, nicer wheels and a DCT. If that is worth 4-5K more to you, then you made the right decision, I think judging by sales numbers most people would disagree however. I personally have only seen 2 is's even when I went to a BMW meet in South Florida with over 300 cars. I think people see that the pricing is a little high for a non-M 3 series. That's all, nothing to argue here, just facts...

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