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Originally Posted by Edward View Post
Why can't people appreciate a car for what it is instead of whining about money. You didn't spend it! I never once saw an IS owner here bitching at people for dumping mod money into their base 335i that would put them right into M3 territory (price).
Likewise, the 335is is a straight out of the box performer with every bell and whistle I would want in a 3 series. No warranty hassles, extra power, insanely good sounding exhaust, great exterior and above all, a transmission you can't get in any other normal three, this side of the atlantic or pacific.

Also, I'm not sure if you guys ever learned how to properly critique or debate something, but it's a constant bickering of two sides arguing over different issues. IS haters keep saying that a mild tune will make their car perform on par with a 335is and therefore, IS owners are getting ripped off and the car is lame because it's overpriced.
IS owners (at least myself and some others I know of) don't give a flying crap about modding or tuning. I don't have time to go around modding my car. I needed a new car with an epic warranty and no hassles that performed and the 335is fit the bill. Anyone who came at any IS owner arguing that their car is not worth the money is certainly arguing an IRRELEVANT point. That is all.

oh, btw, that review is garbage. There are thousands of auto journalists worldwide and this one falls with the majority that should be unemployed.
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