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Originally Posted by Turkeybaster115 View Post
You should be able to read your water temps of your display. Here's how, from this thread:

Originally Posted by Confidential Informant
Press and hold the milage reset button (10 to 15 seconds) until "01.00 FGSTNR is displayed. Your code is listed under this heading with two letters followed by five numbers. Write these down. Now ADD all five numbers up to get the sum and this is your password to unlock the menu. While in this menu, you can continue to press the reset button to scroll through the "01.xx" menus.

While you are in the "01.xx menu, press and hold the milage reset button again for a few seconds and you will see the "01.xx menu again. Now quickly within a second press and release the reset button 18 more times to get to the menu item number "19 - Unlock". Wait a second or two and you will be prompted to enter the unlock code which is the sum of the number listed in "01.00". To enter the code, press and release the reset button until you arrive at the unlock code number. At this point the menu is unlocked and you can scroll with the reset button to number "07.00" which is the coolant temperature. I only drove for a few miles, but it continued to display while driving and read between 91 and 106 degrees C. I will drive it harder tomorrow and see where I can get it to read.
thanks, I was under the impression that this procedure doesn't work on e9x but I'll give it a try!