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Originally Posted by Expert@ApexRaceParts View Post
Hi there,

From a performance and functionality standpoint, it is always more beneficial to go with the smallest diameter wheel you can fit over your brakes. When comparing 18" and 19" wheels specifically, 18" wheels will be lighter in overall unsprung weight, which increases performance and agility. 18" wheels will also be less expensive, with cheaper tire options compared to 19"s. Lastly, 18" wheels will use taller sidewall tires, which provides additional ride comfort and compliance, as well as more rim protection for your wheels.

Overall, 18" wheels tend to be the most popular for the non-M E9X chassis but some folks will opt for 19" wheels simply due to aesthetic preference.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Thank you for the detailed response. This is very helpful.

Would you happen to know if I can clear the rears on this set Iíve been eyeing:

Front: 19x8.5 ET +32
Rear: 19x9.5 ET +25

The front seems just fine but Iím concerned the rears will rub unless I have camber plates + roll the fenders. Both of which I have no intention of doing.

Let me know your thoughts! It is greatly appreciated.
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