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Originally Posted by hooligan_clt View Post
Yeah, it almost sounds like a cross between a setup like having sanctioned weightlifting meets and Nike's Grid League. I can't imagine it's going to be that much cheaper, but without any real details it's hard to speculate.

Using the Open to qualify people for the Games has already shown itself to be an issue with respect to Regionals. You would, essentially, have to audit every qualifier's workout videos. Although you could probably skip through Fraser's and Toomey's.
I think Glassman is looking for big comps like Wodapolluza, Granite Games, take on those costs for the individual comps and CF would just deal with the “Opens” and Games. But the total number of athletes will quadruple. Seems like a logistic nightmare. I don’t see the money saving there. He would make it up in his globalization plan tho, wanting boxes in every country and more members across the world.