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Need help picking a suspension system for e92 335i - weekend car/autocross setup

So a little info on my car. 2007 e92 335i 6MT with the sport package. The car has 120k miles on it and the rear shocks are shot. So i want to replace the suspension now. Front and rear.

The car is not my DD. I only use it on weekends and nice days. I want to have a better handling car compared to the stock sport suspension. I also want it to be able to fun to take to a track 2/3 times a year and do some autocross!

So the first thing I'm going to do is the struts/shocks.

Ive been searching a lot and it honestly has me more confused because i keep finding new options to go with lol.

So far I've been seriously considering:

1)Bilstein B12 kit
2)KW street comfort
3)KW v2
4)KW v1

Thats in order of consideration. Mostly because the b12 kit is only like $850 and the KW SC is double the price. (Around 1500$)

Im only looking to spend about 1600 max on the shocks/coil-overs.

Keep in mind I'm doing this in stages. So after this i will be doing m3 control arms, m3 bushings, possibly sway bars.

What do you guys recommend in my situation. I feel like a lot of people on the board are in the same place as me. They want better handling then oem sport suspension but not something that rides super stiff. Just something to refresh the old oem suspension and make it more fun for spirited street driving and occasional track use.