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ECS Tuning - Irresponsible & Misleading

ECS sells a "9006 female to H11 male" harness on their web site:

I ordered it because I needed a 9006 female to H11 male conversion. Big mistake.

My car has been in the shop for a long time getting an Mtech put on it, so I had these overnighted. I get them and they do not fit my 9006 bulb. The shop calls me and tells me to look at it and sure enough it doesnt fit. What ECS is selling is actually a 9006 male to H11 female, so their labeling is completely backwards. (Check out the pics below for confirmation, first two are of their product (first comparing to the 9006 bulb) - which do not fit and the last is of what they claim they sell, it will fit).

I call ECS initially and ask to return because I assumed I ordered the wrong part after the shop said they didn't fit (maybe I made the mistake of mixing up male or female) and they have no problem. At this point I was willing to eat the expensive over night shipping. But after I swing by and talk to the tech he says "These are completely wrong, this is not a 9006 female, its mislabeled." I call ECS, explain the situation, offer pictures, etc. And they don't want to see my pictures or hear about any of it. The guy says "we have sold 900 of these things," etc... But VWs have 9006s stock so these work perfectly for someone who is changing from a 9006 to an H11 (not someone like me who needs the opposite) and you have to buy two at a time, etc. We end the conversation by me imploring this guy to google what a 9006 bulb and a 9006 female look like.

Please see additional post for update.

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