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JB4 Stage 1 for e92 N55

I haven't seen much information on the JB4 Stage 1 tune and I'm interested in tuning my '12 e92 (N55). The reason I'm interested in the JB4 Stage 1 and not the Stage 2 is due to the ease in which I can install and uninstall it. Additionally, I really don't care about the features offered by the Stage 2 and only want a quality, conservative tune. From what I've read, the Stage 2 requires you to splice into a few wires and, to be honest, I'm not interested in going this route since I still need to go in for regular maintenance. Anyways, I wanted to get a few questions answered before I place my order and was hoping to get some of your feedback. Here we go...
  1. I've read that the JB4 Stage 1 has "surging" issues, but some of my reading points out this this may have only been an issue with the JB3+ tune. Can anyone comment on this?
  2. How refined is the Stage 1 tune vs the Stage 2 tune? By refined, I mean to say that it won't exhibit odd quirks that my car didn't have pre-tune. This somewhat alludes to my previous question regarding the surging issue.
  3. Judging from the dyno sheets on, it looks like you can run an air intake and downpipe with no problem (FYI, I'm looking at the BMS performance intake and downpipe). When installing any of them, should I change maps on the Stage 1 to take advantage of these modifications?
  4. If I do install an intake and downpipe, do I need to remove any of them prior to taking my car in for service? The dealership I go to is relatively mod friendly, so I'd think that the intake would be fine. However, I'm not sure about the downpipe. When I had my Mustang, installing a catless x-pipe would throw the check engine light, so I'm curious if BMW's exibit similar behavior. I'm also concerned that the fuel to air ratio may not be ideal with a downpipe and no tune (temporary, of course).
  5. Does the JB4 Stage 1 erase all traces of itself when you uninstall it? If so, is there a special process for this?