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Originally Posted by nicky dj View Post

Great questions.

I'm also looking at installing a stage 1 or 2 JB4 on a N54. However, I don't want to do any mods as well besides the tune. I'm afraid the car will run extremely hot, as it already runs hot as hell - stock! If I do a stage 1, am I good with all stock? Or is a intercooler or cooling injection required?? I'd rather not install any other aftermarket parts, as I would like to just remove the module when I need to. I do like the ease of install for the JB dual-cone intake though (something I'm also thinking about).

Also I read with the JB4 stage 2, you can choose from your steering console what stage you would like your car to perform in? Stock boost, stage 1, or 2. Is this true? That's the only reason I'd choose a stage 2 over a stage 1. Thanks guys!

I recently had the chance to drive a friend of a friend's 335 (N55) JB4 Stage 2 (Map 1) and literally emailed Mike at N54tuning as soon as I got out of the car. Install looks simple and seems worth the extra effort.

Good luck.

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