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Originally Posted by SassyMcSass View Post
Measuring liters per hour of gasoline flow at a fixed pressure is the universtal standard for evaluating fuel pump performance. It was interesting to me that their testing with the walbro pump alone almost exactly matched the figures walbro has published for the same pump. That gives me confidence that the rest of their figures are right in the ball park.

For someone like you who has paid $600 for this FFTEC pump I understand why you feel so strongly for it, but what are your thoughts on the proposed $100 alternative solution? A walbro 255 pump in series that improved the factory pump performance by more than 50%? It goes in just as easily.

I only paid $475 and that was installed. At the time, the other option wasn't really on the table. So I will say it again so everyone can hear me one more time, I think all the options we have are viable. I have and will recommend upgrading the walbro single if they want to go that route. If you want a plug and play option and you don't care about the price, then FFTEC has a good solution that works and will maintain pressure under surge. Story is still out on parallel. Because parallel doesn't raise the head, only increases flow. Also as indicated parallel is not recommended in highly restricted systems. So we'll see. I can tell you that the series solution works. That is why feel so stongly about the solution because I'm using it and it works. So when someone tells me it doesn't have to wonder where they got their information. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Regardless everyone will form an opinion, just don't cast doubt on a solution that works just because you don't like the vendor it's associated with.