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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
Whether you love President Obama or hate him, most people think they have a pretty good idea who he is and what he stands for, agree or disagree.

Mitt Romney is a completely different story. He's been in politics for 16 years, 4 years as governor of a large state and the rest of the time trying to be president. Yet nobody seems to know anything about him or what he stands for. He's not exactly the most forthcoming individual - he won't talk about his religion or his taxes or how much money he has or how he made it - so many secrets! And he seems to have been on every side of just about every political issue at one time or another.

Who is this guy really... and why does he want to be your president?
Mitt Romney: Well lets see now.

Religion, he is in the same spot as JFK was over 50 years ago. Back then everyone felt that if he was elected the Pope would be telling him what to do. It was the same in 1928 with Al Smith when he ran against Hoover. People don't trust some religions if they don't know a whole lot about their beliefs. Then their opponents paint a picture that may not be correct and that just adds to their uneasiness. So I can understand why the no comments by Romney

taxes, Who cares. Just because his father released several years worth of returns that doesn't mean Mitt needs to. He has already released two now.

money he has or how he made it, we already know how he made it so that is old news. Now how much? Who cares. He has more than me and not near as much as the Kennedy's or FDR.

secrets, Romney is pretty much an open book. Like you said, "He's been in politics for 16 years, 4 years as governor of a large state and the rest of the time trying to be president." So there again it's what his opponents paint as a picture that may not be correct and the Dems just take it as gospel and don't question it.

Now lets talk about the current occupant of the White House:

Religion?, Claims he Never Practiced Islam? - rumor has it he practiced it daily at school, where he was registered as a Muslim and kept that faith for 31 years, until Michelle made him change, so he could run for office. We all know about Rev Wright and what went on in his church.

money he has or how he made it, How does a community organizer afford a $1,000,000 home in Hyde Park on a state senators pay? Who knows how he made his millions. Yes he wrote a couple of books, but? How much he has? Not as much as Romney and more than me.

taxes, Who cares.

secrets, Well lets see. Collage transcripts for starters. How does someone with his then income pay for the name schools he attended. Who's paying the bills early on. and the list goes on.

what he stands for. Marxism–Lenin Socialism
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