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Originally Posted by TSM330i View Post
I know you're just trying to figure out what's best to do and easiest. I'm just trying to come from the other direction (my belief as well).
As for the rollbar: They do have a spec that they need to be built to. If the cross-bar for the harness is at the wrong angle, it won't pass inspection.
I've run with a gentleman at Lime Rock, NJMP and Watkins Glen with CCA and he had harnesses that latched into the rear child safety seat anchors. He's never been denied running with this setup. The angle is much greater than the recommended for the harnesses, but he's allowed to run because the seats have been tested to withstand the crush in the event of a rollover.
Yes, I'm sure the head tech inspector has his reasons for not liking harness bars, but for me it's a matter of common sense.
Jeff - if you're referring to harnesses that clip into the back seat, I've seen those before. I believe they're made by Schroth and are meant to work with the oem seat w/o a harness bar. To be honest, if I had a back seat row, I would've kept my stock seats and gone with that setup as well. Those even allow Hans devices!

We'll see, clearly there's a lot of research that needs to be done which is why I proposed the question now given we're entering the off-season. Ideally, I'm thinking get the 2nd Recaro I need that way I can run a half cage (stock seat with cage is a big no no).

Originally Posted by wonho View Post
Dan, I think safety is not really an issue here. Your car is far from a race car, and you're not racing, or even pushing 100%. I don't really see you rolling your car for any reason.

You think the harness will REALLY improve your lap times? And if so, are those mere fractions of seconds worth the extra 2-3 grand or whatever? For some reason, I have a feeling that you will see no improvement, harness or not. You already have the bucket seat, which is enough for support IMO.

My first vote is not wasting money on them at this point, until you decide to make a race car. But from what I know about you, that you'd buy brand new red Pole Position to match your interior, I think you're gonna get the harness anyway. If you insist so, get at least a roll bar or a half cage, but no more. I think if you just get the harness with only a harness bar, your balls are gonna shrink from all this hype that you won't be able to comfortably push your car.
Woah woah ease up here bigboi. Nobody claimed to own a race car nor did I ever say the purpose of this was to shave lap times so you shouldn't put words in my mouth.

If you read my NASA link, all of it centered around a safety perspective. To say only racers are at risk of suffering injuries or accidents is pretty naive. I can say with confidence we've seen multiple wrecks in the past 3 events, most if not all were DE. And rollover or not, the ability to run a Hans is a huge benefit IMO.

Secondly whether I got a Grimace purple seat that costs twice the price of a used seat has no relevance. End of day I chose the PP because it fit me the best, was a definite fit for my car, and I got a great price on it. And if it looks damn good in my interior even better.

Lastly, your suggestion of getting a half cage instead of harness bar (only) is what I've bet leaning towards from the beginning (see my response to CJ's original post) so we're not in disagreement.

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