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Unusual shudder. i dont know what else to replace.

Okay...finally got my car done it runs great i guess. things i replaced are

all new

-Turbos, all hardware and lines.
-6 injectors
-6 plugs
-CPS sensor
-new Vanos selionids
-Clean intake valves
- RB PCV upgrade
-Valve cover gasket
-Water pump
- Transmission flush and New sealing sleeve and filter pan.
-Diff flush
- Oil filter housing Gasket, and oil cooler gasket and gaskets for the lines going to the cooler.
- new transmission cooler
-new oil duh
- new coolant duh

Don't ask me how much i spent.. lol

and all that cleared up the smoke coming from my exhaust. So if your smoking do the above

cant remember what else. but all that is changed, and new. now the car starts fine. and when i drive it it drives great but i have a little bit of a shudder i dunno if its knock but you cant hear it but i can feel it i guess in the brake when I'm sitting at a light.
LOL maybe a new belt? i visually inspected the belt when the car was stripped while installing the turbos the belt looked fine, can think of any other wear and tear that could cause this. help

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