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Originally Posted by millseyent View Post
Okay guys, so I've changed my radiator and my engine is still overheating, the mechanic reckons my head gasket is cooked but I'm not convinced.

Ive just pulled it on my drive and left it idling where the coolant temp reached 104 deg C, i lifted the bonnet and seen that fan was not even on, it didn't start spinning until the temp was at 107 deg, and even then it only comes on for a few seconds.

Is this normal???
Coolant temp isn't over heating at 104, or 107C. In fact depending on how you are driving, or the ambient temps, it can be quite normal. Get a scanner, and check for trouble codes, if none are present, I wouldn't worry. If you are above 75K miles on the odometer, change your water pump, and thermostat.
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