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It is similar to a transmission filter change. 6 more bolts, remove the electrical connector. So I would guess 1 MORE hour plus parts (valve and maybe connector sleeve) to a typical ATF/filter service. Really does not add more than 30 minutes.

If this is the GM transmission I would not expect more than *guessing* $200 for filter service? And tag on an hour labor plus needed parts. I do my own filter change, so like $50 in filter fluid and gasket. Have not changed the manual valve yet.

Call and ask a shop before hand. I would not let them BS me into oh itís so hard yada yada several hundred bucks. But I really do not know the market.

If they have seen this they would know off the top, *if* this is what it was. Can your parts stores pull codes free?

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If this is a shift valve issue as theorized, how many hours of labor should i be looking at for a mechanic to fix the issue?


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