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@Jhayd11, where are you located? Do you do any of your own work?


In case you want to give additives a shot, I had an Exxon in Gaithersburg order 109 and 244. PM me if you want the details. If you grab an oil change kit from Tischer, you'll be good to go. It's worth a shot on a last ditch effort (although I'm doubtful if its bad enough to put you into limp). Id reset the codes before starting the process. Put the 244 in the tank and Just make sure the engine is HOT when you pour the 109 into the crankcase and let it run at 2krpm for maybe 15 or so minutes. Do you have a rough idle or anything that could indicate improvement? You could occasionally drop it down from 2k to see if it smoothed out. After that, do an oil change immediately.

As long as youre comfortable knowing you can get it back together, You could also pull the manifold yourself and see how cleaning it works out (what's the worst that could happen)?

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