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On a side note, I just got some VRSF's also (ceramic coated) and I noticed that the weld on the mating piece on the interior of the pipe kind of sticks up some on both pipes and intrudes into the interior of the pipe where exhaust will be flowing; it's a little worse on one than the other (see bottom dead center of inner pipe in pic). I'd say it sticks up about 3/16" and I would just file it down but the corresponding spot on the outside of the pipe here is already kind of thin and indented so i'm afraid to make it too thin here. Did you notice this on your pipes? I'm wondering if this is a big deal and worth sending the pipes back for; could it cause some airflow blockage or turbulence or something or is it nothing to worry about? Maybe others can chime in. Also, the second pic shows about a one inch long spot where the ceramic coating was scraped off when I got them. Should I send these pipes back or no big deal?
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