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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Oh ive done that one before ive driven from south mimms services all the way too essex with no brakes, just engine braking all they way home and the hand brake to pull the car to a stop, which wasnt often
I once tried to replace the brakes on my first car (ford cortina 1.6).

I'd done it before with some assistance, but this was my first time flying solo.

I too the old shoes off and pumped the brakes before I loaded the new ones. Unfortunately I forgot to take the cap of the master cylinder first and the callipers shot out of their seats, meaning I had no space to fit the new pads.

I ended up driving it to a garage with just the handbrake, where they forced the calipers back into position with compressed air.

Later on I had a problem with the same car, where it stalled every time I lifted off the throttle. I put up with this for about 2 months - using the handbrake to stop the car.

Then I drove it home - doing a steady 90 on the A1 where my stepdad found that the front half of the carbureter was literally hanging off.

They don't make cars that run with half a carb any more