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For anyone interested in improving their track performance, Carl Wener of Perry Auto is sponsoring a seminar conducted by Aim Sports. I recently picked up a Solo DL recently that I am wiring into my ECU and fixed in my dash, so the timing is perfect for me. If you are interested, please email Carl directly (email address at the end) to let him know you are interested. This is great for track and drag enthusiasts and anyone interested in logging data from the on-board GPS and CAN bus telemetry.


To all race teams, racers, and track day drivers,

Perry Performance & Competition is working with AIMsports to bring one of their trainers to Montreal for a seminar. In this seminar, open to all AIM existing customers and future customers, AIM will explain how to use their systems for optimal performance and help prospective buyers chose the right set up for their cars.
The location is yet to be determined, but will be in the greater Montreal/laval area.
The date that we have to choose from would be March 30 or 31st- Sunday being Easter, so I am opting for the 30th. There is an outside chance for Feb 23 or 24, but that is not confirmed.
The cost would be $20-$25- but will be applied to a future AIM purchase. The goal is not to charge, but to have commitments.

Please answer BY EMAIL, your interest, what date preferred, and who in your team would attend.

Note that in 2013 , SPC and CTCC will mandate data logging for rules parity. Please inform yourselves via your sanctioning body for exact details.
AIM also offers solutions for those building track cars and hoping to eliminate the need for redundant gauges but wanting GPS based data logging.

Presented by: Roger Caddell - AiM Sports National Training Manager
 Coffee and Snacks at 8:30am
 Data Seminar Starts at 9:00am
 Bring your Computer and Data
 Lunch Provided
 Soft Drinks Provided
 Detailed Data Analysis
Limited seating, reserve your space now!
The core principle of all AiM Sports data training is to reveal that data acquisition will allow the user to determine what the vehicle is doing, when it is doing it and why it is doing it while using AiM Sports hardware and software.
This AiM Sports data seminar has been designed to be very interactive with real examples of actual racing data. This seminar is not just a lecture, AiM Sports National Training Manager, Roger Caddell invites questions and comments from attendees and has found that group discussion of the examples helps everybody understand the information more fully.
AiM Sports Data Seminar Basic Agenda
 What is Data Acquisition
 Why Use Data Acquisition
 How to Use Data Acquisition
 Introducing the Race Studio 2 Software
 System Configuration
 Detailed Data Analysis

Info on the products can be found here,

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