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Originally Posted by Walked U View Post
Are you kidding me...

Have you launched an is350 latley? Those are are very quick before 100 mph.

There are people getting close to the same times in the 1/4 mile with a mph off in trap speed on the is350's. stock for stock its a drivers race in a straight line.

Heres rflows stock time which seems to be the best on drag times right now as stock 335i's go. I also believe he used DR's also.

13.2 @ 104mph

Heres a stock is350. Not sure if the tires were changed or not.

13.4 @ 103 mph

Dont knock the is350 until youve driven it. Or at least raced one. What do i got to do get a video of me vs one or something, to show you how fast they are?
It is a good time for the IS, my car went 13.34-104 bone stock with the runflats.