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Park Ave BMW in Maywood, NJ redefines "stealership"

Scheduled 2 weeks ago to have the rear cup holders fixed, and requested for a loaner car. So this morning, I dropped off my car. The advisor was nice enough and told me he'd give me a call as soon as the thing is fixed. I also asked to have them check the Neutral Idle Control. Got a Ford Fusion as loaner. No biggie. Never heard back from anyone (how long can it take to fix a cup holder anyways?) At 5:30pm, I decided to call and get the status. SA gives me the "I was just about to call you" BS and said my car was ready. We get there at 6:30pm, then waited for them to "locate" my car. Shortly after 7pm, I was informed that my car is at their other location (and no one there knew this or could figure it out for over 30 min?) So they went and got my car from their other location. By the time we finally got the car, it was 2 min before closing time and we were already running late for dinner with friends.

Here comes the good part. When we finished dinner, I got in the back seats to check the rear cup holders. Surprise! It doesn't come out. I tried numerous times. Even had my gf try it. No luck. I checked the work order they gave me. On top of the cup holder (which they didn't fix), they also claimed to have performed oil service and standard scope, which I didn't ask for. Now, if they didn't even fix what I asked and brought the car in for, how do I even trust that they did the other things?

Who can I report this to? I want to make sure these guys don't get a dime for what they didn't do.