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Originally Posted by wrickem View Post
Take a pill then call the SA and at least give him a chance to make good out of it. I know you don't really want to drive around with broken rear cup holders but before you go and make a federal case out of it, let them know that it's not fixed.
If you read what I said, it's not about the cup holder. If they said they fixed it but didn't, what else do they say they do but don't? Would you bring your car to a service center for an oil change, not knowing if they"ll actually do it? What about getting your brakes fixed there?

I understand that AutoCouture, as an employee there, has a personal interest to want to play it off like it's nothing, and maybe you do too. I just want let people know that if they get work done at Park Ave BMW, they better make sure the work is actually done.

And I called the SA to see if anything was taken care of. Only after I asked specially, "so the cup holder is fixed?" does he tell me, "oh, we didn't fix it. We didn't have the part so we had to orde it. I didn't say anything because we don't know when the part will get here."