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Originally Posted by wrickem View Post
I understood what your major problem was and I still think you're making a big drama out of nothing (and unlike Autoculture, I do not work there and am unbiased)

Auto dealerships and people mess up once in a while and I was just saying to give them a chance to make it right before you contacted everybody under the sun to make a federal case out of it.

You'll get a lot more out of any dealership by being decent about minor screw-ups than you will when you're known as the asshole that contacted the service director, BMWNA, BBB and pretty much called them thiefs by accusing them or ripping off BMW because they didn't fix your rear cup holders right the first time.
I understand what you're saying. But there's a difference between not doing it right and not doing it at all. Had they simply messed up and installed the thing upside down or whatever, that's a trip back to the service center to let them fix their mistake. Even if they didn't fix it and just told me "sorry, we couldn't do it for whatever reason," that's would've been better too. But doing absolutely nothing AND not even saying a word about it, that's something else entirely. I had to call back and ask "is there something you want to tell me about the cup holder that you fixed?" to get a straight answer. The fact that the car wasn't even at the service center when I went to pick it up should've triggered an alarm, but I was stupid. Thankfully it's just a cup holder. The thing's been broken since we bought the car CPO from Park Ave a month ago. But what about the oil change that was supposedly done? How do I verify that? And what if I, or someone else, had a more serious issue that needed to be fixed?

I'm not saying it was AutoCouture who was personally responsible. That's why when someone asked for dealer recommendation in the NY/NJ/PA subforum, I didn't go in there and crap on his reputation.