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Originally Posted by Couch View Post
There in lies one issue with the study. All of these proteins suggest, at most, 2 servings. Most us only take 1.

I do agree they shouldn't be in there, AT ALL! But I'm curious about the amounts in everyday foods. I think we would all be extremely surprised at the levels in things we think are perfectly safe. I also would rather see some other company do the study as opposed to CR. They haven't exactly been taken extremely serious in sometime.

I'm going to keep taking what I take, which is continually switch up my protein powders. If it's not one thing that harms us it's something else.
Many trainees, particularly males, use multiple scoops of powder in their shakes which in some cases occurs more than once daily. Even if you're taking one scoop 3-5 times a week, you are still being exposed to heavy metals almost daily and then consider adding on the other environmental exposures that all of us face in modern living.

Restaurant foods, processed foods, and non-organic foods are going to increase exposure to multiple chemicals. Don't forget household cleaners, plastics, and hygiene products. I sound paranoid, but unfortunately it's reality and we are sicker than ever as a result.

Originally Posted by Thisisdudewhoru View Post
+1 It is somewhat misleading as it's based on 3 servings. I only drink one shake a day if that.
So you just get a third of the levels of toxic, heavy metals listed in the chart. Yippee!