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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
p.s.: I don't mean to direct any of this at JBass. I applaud anyone using their daily drive on the track to improve their skills. And I applaud his effort to improve the reliability of the car in effort to have more fun while learning. I am just pointing out that the 335i does have some serious inherent problems that will require a lot more time and effort to correct than most BMWs do. That is all.
I read your comments on the 335I auto, and I agree that it is more prone to heat related issues at the track than normally aspirated BMW's, but the difference isn't that great. Last summer, I hit 290 degrees and went into limp mode only after the last lap of the day. My instructor's E46 M3 had similar heat problems. It hit 280+, when he pulled out to cool down his car. I don't have an oil cooler on my auto, and I go into limp mode on full course tracks more often than not, but even if I had known about this before hand, I would still buy this car.