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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
Everyone's experience has been mostly different because of different speed and skills, but here's some anecdotal evidence to support my postulation.
Sir, again, I don't think the 335I's (MT, or AT) overheating issues are any more pronounced than any other car out there with forced induction from the factory. In fact, on hot days, its N/A counterparts are suffering just as much from heat soak. Take the 370Z/G37 for example. These also came out for the '07 year, and despite being naturally aspirated, they both had severe limp mode issues at the track, as reported by owners. Many installed oil coolers to help the problem, even though nissan said it would void their engine warranty. Its really surprising, since many would consider a 370Z to be more of a track car than a 335I. The Nissan cars are also a N/A V6 configuration, so that goes against your theory of the two cylinders of the Inline-6. This summer at road america, I witnessed a GTR being taken down by a N/A lotus elise, in the heat, while mustang cobra's with blowers were at the back of the pack.

The 335I should have been better equipped at the factory to handle the track, but in the end its just a 3 series, and it can't be a dedicated track car, even if it were an N/A motor. Its too well rounded for me to dismiss. It has plenty of low end torque, GREAT highway gas mileage, and near perfect handling (I've got the sport package with 19's) I did a lot of searching before I decided on this car, and although I am disappointed with its performance on full-course race tracks, its not enough for me to get something else. I'll go as far as to say the 335I was not built for full-course race tracks, only 1/2-course race tracks. Which is why I had no problems with the south course at the autobahn, but ran into all sorts of issues on the full course. The only other sedan I was considering was the IS350, but the handling leaves MUCH to be desired compared to the 335I, and the ISF is just priced out of my range. Even that had too much plough, because of its heavy V8 engine.