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Originally Posted by zsapphire7 View Post
mm this next year will be exciting. We have many different solutions out there and its nice to see everyone trying different ones. hopefully we can collect some good data results to pin down a solution that works

A caveat is that we all drive in very different ways and in very different places. The MT/AT issue also effects the heat built up.

Take all data and suggestions you read and receive as a starting point. No matter what anybody says, including "Experts", they are only starting points so don't be afraid or feel silly asking very probing questions.

The best way to assess the suitability of a solution is to install and test for yourself but since that's not practical for most try to find someone who is having success with a solution and drives at similar speeds, terrain, ambient temp and track times. Consider AT and MT also.

I will also be installing a performance radiator when one is ready. We can't underestimate the positive effect this will have on the overall cooling...that is, if you need that much cooling.

I can't tell you how many times I have heard how great something is then I see the person who said so driving at the track (where it matters for me) and all of a sudden I get why it works for them and wouldn't or me.

For instance: I used stock brakes and pads for over 2 years at the track, although I probably could have gone faster with a BBK it didn't stop me from doing reasonable times with them and faster than most with 335s and BBKs or upgraded pads and fluids. It was just the way I used the brakes. Can't say what I did, it just worked for me...until now

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