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Originally Posted by KcN55 View Post
Bump! i know this is an old thread. But I want to see if any n55ers encounter this same code recently?

Same thing is happening to me when I go WOT. My code pops up the PArtial engine light lights up and it tells me to reduce power.

-Its not the JB4 for me because I removed it and cleared the code, the Light still pops up.
-I already changed my Charge pipe, light still comes up
-Next thing to check its my intercooler tube? My car only is 26k
- what else can this be?
could be boost solenoid ? and def check fmic carefully sometimes a hairline crack could cause a code apparently , otherwise if you are under warranty take it to them and if you are really stuck have the dealer look at it .. if you are out of warranty they will charge you like 70 to look at it and diagnose the problem but that will save you a headache